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‘Trump’s move will hurt U.S. more than China’{ksm} Beijing slams decision on Hong Kong
Talks with U.S. futile, says new Iran Speaker{ksm} Ghalibaf vows revenge for leader’s killing
SpaceX Crew Dragon docks with International Space Station{ksm} It’s the first time a crewed U.S. spacecraft has performed the feat in nearly a decade. It was also a first for the private sector, a triumphant moment for SpaceX founded by Elon Musk in 2002.
Coronavirus numbers cross six million{ksm} Even as Brazil suffers record daily surge, Bolsonaro seeks end to lockdown
Night of violence across America leaves streets scarred, outrage simmering{ksm} Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas in many cities.
FOX BIZ NEWS: Netflix, Twitter announce support for Black Lives Matter after George Floyd killing, riots
FOX BIZ NEWS: SpaceX NASA astronauts dock at International Space Station
Supporter turned antagonist: The problem posed by Oli{ksm} The Nepali PM, wooed by the U.S. and China, faces a hardened Indian stance
Amendment to formalise new map tabled in Nepal parliament{ksm} Crowds gather outside House; Indian envoy not allowed in
America’s tinderbox moment{ksm} Any leader, with a realistic sense of what his country was going through, should immediately have called for calm and issued reassurances that justice would prevail
FOX BIZ NEWS: Infected workers, parts shortages slow auto factory restarts
FOX BIZ NEWS: China wields currency as weapon with Trump tensions rising
FOX BIZ NEWS: SpaceX is an inspiration but US leadership in space is under threat
FOX BIZ NEWS: Oil: WTI, Brent & the battle for world dominance
FOX BIZ NEWS: United Airlines cutting 13 top exec jobs, adding international flights in July
FOX BIZ NEWS: Pizza Hut, KFC to sell Beyond Meat products at restaurants in China
FOX BIZ NEWS: Give Trump credit for his realistic approach to an untrustworthy China
FOX BIZ NEWS: What is Hong Kong's relationship with China?
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Microsoft cuts editorial staff, to replace them with AI: Report{ksm} Microsoft is reportedly laying off at least 50 news production workers and replacing them with artificial intelligence (AI) — based algorithms to per
Protests over George Floyd’s death: Tear gas and burning cars in U.S. cities as unrest continues {ksm} Tense protests over the death of George Floyd and other police killings of black men grew Saturday from New York to Tulsa to Los Angeles, with police
Global coronavirus cases surpass 6 million{ksm} Since April, about 1 million new cases are reported every two weeks, according to a Reuters tally.
Brazil has record new coronavirus cases, surpasses France in deaths{ksm} Brazilian states are preparing to ease quarantine restrictions despite warnings from public health experts who say the worst is still to come.
Will invite India and Russia, says Donald Trump as he postpones G7 summit{ksm} The U.S. President wanted to hold the summit in late June 2020.
Mycoprotein or Milk protein which is better?
A Way Out of Contract-Killing
Protests flare across America, arrest of Minneapolis police officer fails to appease{ksm} There were sympathy protests on Friday in several cities across the country, including New York, Denver, Houston, Atlanta, Detroit and Louisville, Kentucky.
USFDA for recall of diabetes drug Metformin after tests find high levels of carcinogen{ksm} Regulator says it in contact with five firms to recommend they voluntarily recall their products
FOX BIZ NEWS: IPO market expected to be a buyer’s, not a seller’s, market
FOX BIZ NEWS: Technology plays an influential role in company performance: Box Inc. CEO
U.K. moots ‘5G club’ to keep out Huawei{ksm} ‘D10’ to consist of democratic nations
Taiwan President visits dissident publisher{ksm} Tsai reiterates support for protesters.
Troops deployed after protests over black man’s death{ksm} George Floyd died due to alleged police brutality this week
U.S. sanctions a double-edged sword: Hong Kong{ksm} City’s pro-Beijing government warns that punitive measures could backfire
Prototype of new SpaceX rocket Starship explodes on Texas test pad{ksm} It is designed to carry humans and 100 tons of cargo to the moon and Mars.
Joe Biden urged to pick black VP, not Klobuchar as Minneapolis killing stokes racial tensions{ksm} The officer charged on Friday with killing Floyd, Derek Chauvin, was involved in a fatal shooting in 2006, when Ms. Klobuchar was county attorney.
Morning Digest: Trump says U.S. terminating relationship with WHO over coronavirus, GST council likely to meet in mid-June, and more{ksm} A select list of stories to read before you start your day
Minneapolis cop who knelt on man’s neck charged with murder {ksm} Derek Chauvin, 44, was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the case. He was also accused of ignoring another officer at the scene who expressed concerns about the black man as he lay handcuffed on the ground, pleading that he could not breathe.
U.S. records 1,225 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours, says tally{ksm} States and communities across the U.S. continued phased reopenings.
FOX BIZ NEWS: SpaceX prototype explodes at Texas test site
FOX BIZ NEWS: Ted Cruz calls for probe of Twitter over alleged violation of sanctions on Iran
FOX BIZ NEWS: Trump's views on mail-in voter fraud, social media are important: Tom Fitton
FOX BIZ NEWS: Trump's harsh China statements sent a clear message to the world
FOX BIZ NEWS: What is Zoom?
FOX BIZ NEWS: Zocdoc telehealth service gaining popularity amid coronavirus
FOX BIZ NEWS: Former Twitter VP rejects claim platform targets Trump
FOX BIZ NEWS: Tesla CEO set to earn $775 million payout
FOX BIZ NEWS: Convalescent plasma from recovered coronavirus patients selling at top dollar
FOX BIZ NEWS: Investors relieved America is staying is China trade deal
China’s media slams Trump over border comments, says he is ‘driving a wedge’{ksm} Washington believes the combined strength of Beijing and New Delhi could impair its interests in Asia and beyond, says The Global Times
China says non-peaceful action on Taiwan is last resort{ksm} Li Zhanshu, who is also the head of China's parliament, said Beijing will never allow any force, in any way, to separate Taiwan from China.
U.S. joins G7 artificial intelligence group to counter China {ksm} White House’s chief technology officer, Michael Kratsios, told The Associated Press on Thursday it is important to establish shared democratic principles as a counter to China’s record of “twisting technology” in ways that threaten civil liberties.
COVID-19: Trump feeling ‘absolutely great’ after taking hydroxychloroquine, says White House{ksm} The drug is not FDA-approved for the treatment of COVID-19 but it has been identified as a possible treatment for the infection
National Guard called to respond to Minneapolis violence {ksm} The Minneapolis unrest ravaged several blocks in the Longfellow neighborhood, with scattered rioting reaching for miles across the city. It was the second consecutive night of violent protests following Floyd’s death Monday.
26 Bangladeshi migrants shot dead at smuggling warehouse in Libya {ksm} The government terms it as a revenge attack
Investigators find ₹30 million in wreckage of crashed Pakistan aircraft{ksm} The amount, in currencies of different countries, was found in two bags in the wreckage.
FOX BIZ NEWS: Mark Cuban: 'Use it or lose it' debit card proposal trumps PPP
FOX BIZ NEWS: Social-media fact-checking has become a political weapon: Kevin Hassett
FOX BIZ NEWS: How does telemedicine work?
FOX BIZ NEWS: Trump drops hammer on social media companies’ alleged bias by targeting crucial protection
FOX BIZ NEWS: Cisco to acquire security company ThousandEyes for nearly $1B
FOX BIZ NEWS: Trump's social-media executive order is 'totally out of line': Judge Napolitano
FOX BIZ NEWS: Trump's social media executive order is welcome news: FCC commissioner
FOX BIZ NEWS: How one company is zapping germs away on transit systems
FOX BIZ NEWS: Barr explains reasoning behind social-media executive order
FOX BIZ NEWS: Trump signs executive order targeting social media
PM Modi not in ‘good mood’ over border row with China: Trump {ksm} U.S. President Donald Trump had earlier offered to mediate between India and China
FOX BIZ NEWS: Can Twitter censor my tweets?
FOX BIZ NEWS: Trump signals China-US trade deal in crosshairs as tensions rise
FOX BIZ NEWS: During coronavirus, lawmakers sleeping in Capitol Hill offices argue DC is too expensive
FOX BIZ NEWS: Trump extends National Guard coronavirus orders
FOX BIZ NEWS: To fast-track coronavirus recovery Republicans ask Trump not to suspend seasonal guest worker visas
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Donald Trump threatens social media shutdown over Twitter fact-check label{ksm} Twitter for the first time added fact-check labels on Mr. Trump tweets after he made unsubstantiated claims about mail-in voting.
US death toll from coronavirus surges past 100,000 people {ksm} Worldwide, the virus has infected more than 5.6 million people and killed over 350,000, with the U.S. having the most confirmed cases and deaths by far, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University
History in the making as House casts proxy votes in pandemic {ksm} To mark Wednesday’s history-making moment, House Republicans sued to stop the Democratic majority’s new system, in which absent lawmakers can instruct those present to vote on their behalf.
Lawmakers ejected in Hong Kong debate on Chinese anthem bill {ksm} Eddie Chu was carried out by security guards, even as fellow pro-democracy lawmakers protested his removal and tried to stop it.
Australian News Corp shuts down small papers, to go digital-only {ksm} News Corp. Australasia executive chairman Michael Miller described the shift that will take effect on June 29 as significant and said jobs will be lost. He did not say how many.
Guterres urges avoiding action that would increase tensions on India-China border: UN spokesperson {ksm} Mr. Dujarric was asked about the tensions on the border between India and China and how concerned is the UN and the Secretary General. He was also asked if the Secretary General thinks that Mr. Trump would make a good mediator in the situation.
Coronavirus | U.S. passes dire milestone of 100,000 COVID-19 deaths{ksm} Unthinkable just a few months ago, the United States on Wednesday surpassed the grim milestone of 100,000 coronavirus deaths, as the pandemic tighten
Thailand reports 11 new coronavirus cases, no new deaths{ksm} The cases were Thai nationals in quarantine who recently returned from overseas, including four from Kuwait, six from Qatar, and one from India, said Taweesin Wisanuyothin, a spokesman for the government's coronavirus task force.
5 killed in fire at Bangladesh coronavirus treatment tent {ksm} Until Wednesday, Bangladesh confirmed 38,292 positive cases for coronavirus including 544 deaths.
Coronavirus | South Korea virus cases make biggest jump in 50 days {ksm} It remains to be seen whether the recent spike in infections force back a phased reopening of schools, which had been a major accomplishment in the nation’s anti-virus campaign.
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FOX BIZ NEWS: Zuckerberg doesn't want government censoring social-media sites
FOX BIZ NEWS: HBO Max launch: Here’s what you need to know
FOX BIZ NEWS: Space exploration benefits all of mankind: Retired general
FOX BIZ NEWS: White House should investigate Twitter for censoring conservatives: Sarah Carter
FOX BIZ NEWS: Trump's national security council now fits his needs: KT McFarland
FOX BIZ NEWS: SpaceX launch pushed to Saturday: What to know
FOX BIZ NEWS: Zuckerberg responds to Twitter's decision to fact-check Trump
FOX BIZ NEWS: Neil deGrasse Tyson answers questions about the SpaceX Falcon-NASA launch
FOX BIZ NEWS: SpaceX, NASA scrubbed launch is a 'bummer': Former astronaut
FOX BIZ NEWS: To fast-track coronavirus recovery Republicans ask Trump not to suspend seasonal guest worker visas
FOX BIZ NEWS: North Carolina county says no coronavirus 'guidance' from Gov. Cooper after catching flak for crowded event
FOX BIZ NEWS: NC governor threatens ban on large crowds, county says he left them in dark about speedway event

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