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Saturday, 28 March 2020

Deputy Collector Nadeema Sheeree appointed as Inter-State and Inter-District Coordination Officer,

katni. Additional District Magistrate Saket Malviya has issued an order appointing Deputy Collector Nadeema Sheeri as the coordinating officer of the interstate and inter-district under Katni district. Total lockdown orders have been issued by the Government of India and the Government of Madhya Pradesh in relation to the safety and security of Kovid-19. During this time, the essential items for domestic use, which have been identified by the Government of India and the Government level, have been kept free from total lockdown. In such a situation, there should not be any difficulty in the movement of vehicles for transportation of essential goods from other districts under the state of Madhya Pradesh and in order to this, Deputy Collector Nadima keeping in view the information received from the sources and from the district control room. Sheree will discharge the work of inter-state and inter-district coordination.