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Saturday, 30 May 2020

Mycoprotein or Milk protein which is better?

Mycoprotein is a protein made from Fusarium venenatum, a naturally occurring fungus. Manufacturers ferment fungi spores along with glucose and other nutrients to get mycoprotein. The fermentation process is similar to beer manufacture. It results in a doughy mixture with a meat-like texture that’s rich in protein and fiber, It is rich in essential amino acids and low in sodium, sugar, cholesterol, and fat. It also has low carbon and water as compared to chicken and beef. The use of mycoprotein was approved by the U.K.Ministry of agriculture, FISHERIES, AND Food. In 2001, Food and drug administration, (FDA) U.S. put it in a class of foods named “generally recognized as safe (GRAS).” But there is a conflict as there is negative research (2018 by Center for Science in the Public Interest) also which says that the fungal ingredient which is used to develop mycoprotein is an allergen. The dangerous reactions to mycoprotein include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. However, this same study also reveals that the incidence of allergic relations to mycoprotein remains exceptionally low that why 5 billion servings have been consumed when it first appeared on the market. And if we talk about MILK PROTEIN, it contains 3.3 % of total protein which is full of 9 essential amino acids required by humans. As we all know milk proteins are synthesized by the mammary glands and 60% of it is used to build the proteins obtained from the cow’s diet. But total milk content depends upon cow’s breed and genetics of individual animals. Milk proteins have been used for infant formulae for many years. It contains essential amino acids that can be helpful in photolytic activity, microbial activity, etc. Milk proteins can interact with micronutrients through a variety of mechanisms. These give nutritional benefits to milk and milk products. That’s why the milk industry is booming. Now it’s our decision that we use for our daily intake of protein?

Dr.Anubha Dubey
Director and Trainer
Kanishk -technologies