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Showing posts with label Rajghat New Delhi to Geneva on 2 October 2019. Show all posts

Thursday, 19 March 2020

National Peace Goodwill and Sohard Committee constituted,

katni. We set out from Rajghat New Delhi to Geneva on 2 October 2019 on Jai Jagat 2020 Global Peace and Justice Tour. These days are in Armenia. By completing the visit to India, we are spreading the message of Mahatma Gandhi abroad so that the atmosphere of peace and non-violence prevails everywhere, but I am sad that the atmosphere of violence has been created in the capital of India, New Delhi. There is no need to get into this discussion at this time, how and why to create the above atmosphere, but the need is that we immediately stop the spread of malice, jealousy, hatred and hatred and for this, peace and harmony are formed by committees everywhere. Start relief and rehabilitation work. Where volunteers or volunteers are needed, send them for this work so that an atmosphere of peace, harmony and harmony is created in place of hatred, jealousy and hatred. For this, in order to increase mutual friendship and brotherhood, tolerantly consult with people, conduct an all-religion prayer meeting, and wherever necessary, such relief and rehabilitation arrangements are to be made. This work should be done with quickness and agility and in it all sections of the society should be stakeholders. It will be the ultimate duty of the National Peace and Goodwill Committee and its units to support and help those who bear the burden of this work, I am confident that at this time we will understand and fulfill our responsibility.
I want to tell you that in the year 1947, when mutual rivalry increased and there was an increase in rage and hostility, riots broke out. On such an occasion Mahatma Gandhi did not stay in Delhi to celebrate independence, but went there where he was needed to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. He was working to increase friendship and brotherhood between Muslims and Hindus in certain areas of present-day Kolkata, Kolkata. We are working on the message of Gandhiji himself. Therefore, at this time we need to fully understand and realize our responsibility. We have to live in mutual harmony, love and brotherhood without considering language, caste, religion, sect and creed differences and set ideal examples before the world. We should get involved in relief and rehabilitation work very fast and all the workers should come forward to solve the problem. In case of need, I myself am preparing to come back, but before coming, I will discuss with you and take a decision.
Many congratulations to all of you and Jai Jagat
Expressing concern over the events of the country under the direction of Ekta Parishad founder Rajagopal, who is currently in Armenia on a global Jai Jagat Pad Yatra, formed a national committee to work in this direction to create an environment of humanity in a holistic manner Going, in which the committee was formed under the direction of Bal Vijay Bhai and SN Suvarao, the noted Sarvodayi Gandhian thinkers of the country. Member of National Committee, Sanjay Singh, Secretary, Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, Delhi, Dayaram Namdev, Secretary, Gandhi Bhawan Trust, Madhya Pradesh, Santosh Kumar Dwivedi, former President of Madhya Pradesh Sarvodaya Sandhya, National General Secretary of Pasmanda-Mansuri Viradari Sangathan. Alim Gudda Bhai Madhya Pradesh, Regional Coordinator and Global Pedestrian Mrs. Saraswati Madhya Pradesh, National Vice-President of Ekta Parishad Pradeep Priyadarshi Bihar, Global Jai Jagat Pedestrian Shani Kumar Bihar, State Committee Member of Ekta Parishad Bharat Bhai Orissa, State Committee Member of Unity Council Vijay Pradhan Orissa , Ekta Parishad State Level Coordination Committee Prashant Bhai Chhattisgarh, Ekta Parishad Raj Arun Kumar Chhattisgarh of New Level Coordination Committee, Gyanadhar Shastri of State Level Coordination Committee of Ekta Parishad, Chhattisgarh, Mo. Khalid Khan Chhattisgarh, Ekta Parishad Executive Member Nirbhay Singh Madhya Pradesh, Ekta Parishad Executive Member Pavitran Kerala, Senior Journalist Sarvodaya Press chief Rakesh Dewan Bhopal, Chicago Public School Chief Mohan Nagwani has been nominated as Madhya Pradesh member.