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FOX BIZ NEWS: Coal has a 'very bright future' despite rise of fracking, Brouillette says
FOX BIZ NEWS: LIVE Stock market updates and business headlines
FOX BIZ NEWS: Apollo CEO, co-founder Leon Black and the $75 million connected to Jeffrey Epstein: report
FOX BIZ NEWS: Head of Fox News Decision Desk: We’ve developed new tools to adjust for early voting
FOX BIZ NEWS: Mobile app usage surged 25% in Q3 as coronavirus keeps people home
FOX BIZ NEWS: Democrats’ big tech report fails to mention 'censorship' of conservatives: Rep. Jim Jordan
FOX BIZ NEWS: Delayed coronavirus vaccine helps reestablish public’s ‘trust in the process’: Expert
FOX BIZ NEWS: Bill Murray says he could moderate next presidential debate with 'a couple cups of coffee'
FOX BIZ NEWS: Coronavirus has brought on an ‘epidemic of fear’: Doctor
FOX BIZ NEWS: Antitrust movement against big tech taking shape imminently: Gasparino
FOX BIZ NEWS: Facebook CEO Zuckerberg is ‘definitely' a risk to public health: Steve Hilton
FOX BIZ NEWS: Democrat-led House panel to seek breakup of big tech, GOP lawmaker says
FOX BIZ NEWS: Is coronavirus the ‘nail in the coffin’ for movie theater industry?
FOX BIZ NEWS: Musk's SpaceX wins Pentagon award for missile-tracking satellites
FOX BIZ NEWS: Apple pulls rival products from stores ahead of launch
FOX BIZ NEWS: GM, Ford need electric-car batteries, but take different paths to get them
FOX BIZ NEWS: Intel CEO: 'Constructive dialogues' between government, manufacturing industry creating incentives for workers
FOX BIZ NEWS: Could an antibody cocktail from Regeneron help President Trump?
FOX BIZ NEWS: Trump's COVID-19 announcement becomes his most-liked tweet ever
FOX BIZ NEWS: Stocks inch higher on strong home sales, more stimulus talk

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