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Friday, 5 June 2020


JUNE 5 is celebrated as WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY. This year in 2020 it’s a protecting Biodiversity year with Beat the air pollution. Some days back the beautiful story of Ganga reveals that tells now the water of Ganga is ready to drink directly, the sky is clear, air pollution rate is nill, OZONE layer is fulfilling its spots that are dangerous for life, luminance is seen in oceans somewhere in the world.During this lockdown from all over the world, we all hear such a heart touching wonderful real stories.Is this just happen? Or cruel human activities stop against nature results? I mean we all as humans tryto destroy our nature just to fulfill our needs only, we don’t care about nature, our trees, our birds,our animals. We are just a small part of the ecosystem. If any small part is damaged it will affect usalso. Clearly, this shows how much we disturb nature activity. This corona time teaches us veryimportant lessons. So, it’s high time to raise our voice and join hands together for Nature.“IF nature survives, we all survive. We can’t expect a life without trees, water, and food. The natural the beauty of earth refreshes us, motivates us for doing.”

 Just remember a few things; Our little step will give us a good reward. Here are a few tips to protect
biodiversity and help our nature to grow:
• Avoid plastics; this not only harms nature also dangerous for public health.
• Chemicals and toxic waste need to be properly disposed of: Companies should follow the acts and
rules strictly.
• Avoid using harmful chemicals that are toxic to pollinators: Due to the continuation of
pesticides insects and microbes population is killed, this will generate pesticides- resistant pests
and affects predator-prey relationships.
• Learn cleaning habits, use green and red boxes to throw waste.
• Replant trees, save natural beauty.
In this computer era, an enormous amount of electronic waste is also generated day by day, which needs
to be managed until it became havoc. We can do e-waste recycling, the relationship between
environmental awareness and attitude toward recycling and behavior intention, and laws and regulations
and behavior intention were both significant for males and females. Let us teach our wards also about
the importance of nature.

I hope and I wish we will make sustainable surroundings for our future generations, so whenever they
remember ours they feel proud and also follow the rules of nature.


Dr.Anubha Dubey
Director & Trainer
kanishktechnologies: E-learning platform